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"As my world turns, the doctors who diagnosed me, all end up locked up and in the ball and chains of Lithium forced down and manipulated into signing papers against their real will. For six days I act calm, and say serious, "I think you need to calm down, and gentle, and ever so subtly, hand them a cup with warm, disgusting tasting water, look them right in the eyes, silently and stare them in the eyes until they swallow the Lithium and Tegretal and Lorazepam, and on and on and on... about a total of thirteen disgusting, nauseating pills so they feel super sick, then they cannot think for they collapse into the realms of deadly sleep. Of course they protest, for they are the "doctors" but it's too late, Mr. M.D, I know what's ailing me."






All Photographs ©2006-2007 Boris Dolin
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