That night was the worst night of my life. After the initial trauma of hearing the news wore down and the first of the tears began to dry, my family and I began to think back to who my sister was and what had caused her to take her own life. We knew there was pain. We knew things had never really gotten better in her mind. But it was all very difficult to understand. What had happened that finally made Jessica decide to kill herself? What had gone wrong?

In order to understand who my sister was and why she is gone, you must understand that her story is not a simple one. I have many memories of my sister, both of the joys and troubles, the love and the sadness. And I have still not put everything together in a way that fully makes sense of what happened. I remember my sister as a friend and playmate when I was younger, and as a friend and role model when I grew up. I remember the changes and the problems in my sister's life, and the powerful healing of both her and my family. There are so many stories and still so many unanswered questions, and all I can hope is to tell here just enough to describe the essence of her life.

All Photographs ©2006-2007 Boris Dolin
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