Jessica had lived a mostly normal childhood. She did well in school, got along well with friends and family and was always a strong, active and creative child. Yet from the earliest time I can remember, there was something a little different about my sister. She had a very powerful personality and always found a way to make herself stand out from those around her. When she grew into her teenage years, Jessica went through some obvious changes: she began to rebel more, went though long bouts of anger and depression, and started having trouble relating to her family. For many years in high school Jessica even saw a therapist who helped guide her through many of the changes that were going on in her life. But through it all, my family thought this was just part of the usual teenage angst that anyone her age might go through.

Jessica's shelf holds some mementos of her mania.
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All Photographs ©2006-2007 Boris Dolin
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